Scenic helicopter flight

Soar over pools and lagoons in the Okavango Delta

The essence of a scenic helicopter flight

Scenic helicopter flights over the Delta’s patchwork landscape of islands, plains and lagoons perfectly illustrate its raw and spectacular beauty. The Delta is one of the world’s greatest natural phenomena, featuring a series of both permanent and fleeting waterways and floodplains created when the waters of the Okavango River sink in to the sands of the Kalahari Desert. With many of the Delta’s most remote areas not reachable in any other way, an aerial perspective is the ideal way to gaze onto the vast Delta and its meandering labyrinth of crystal-clear channels.

Keen photographers can choose to have the doors removed from the helicopter, allowing for unrestricted views and photographs of the spectacular panorama stretching below.

The incredible diversity and amount of wildlife encountered in the Delta becomes clear from above. Soar above pods of hippo sleeping the day away in the depths of a lagoon, watch a herd of elephants slowly amble along open grasslands or marvel at the fleet moves of red lechwe antelope as they leap through a fringe of papyrus reeds in the shallows.

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