Why visit Cuenca?

Hailed as the country’s most picturesque city, this exceptional UNESCO World Heritage Site is beautifully positioned in the Andes, with the Tomebamba River at its foot.

Steeped in heritage, Cuenca (also known as the Athens of the Andes) offers the photographic and cultural lover a marvellous showcase of colonial architecture, historical monuments and attractions such as the blue-domed Catedral Nueva. The best way to view this city is on a guided walking tour where, in addition to its fantastic landmarks, travellers are introduced to vibrant markets and the day-to-day hustle and bustle of its residents.

Cuenca is known for its Panama hats as well as hosting a spectacular flower market where you can view Ecuador’s famous roses. Be sure to stop at the Museo del Banco Central Pumapungo, which offers fascinating insight into Ecuador’s indigenous cultures, as well as the Archaeological Park that hosts the ruins of the Incan city of Tomebamba.

Why Visit?

  • Marvel at the striking blue-domed Cathedral Nueva and its jaw-dropping golden altar.
  • Take in the fantastic colonial architecture and ancient heritage of this UNESCO World Heritage Site on a guided walking tour.
  • Browse through the city’s vibrant markets and take home a Panama hat as a memento of your stay.
  • Discover the ruins of the Incan city of Tomebamba.
  • Journey to the Universidad de Cuenca’s Orquideario, which houses over 400 species of orchids.


Summer/ Dry Season (June to September)
8°C/46°F to 19°C/66°F

Winter /Wet Season (October to May)
8°C/46°F to 18°C/64°F

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