Why visit the Galapagos Islands?

Discover the archipelago of volcanic islands, renowned for their spectacular endemic species, made famous by Charles Darwin and which contributed to his theory of evolution.

The most prominent of Ecuador’s attractions is the pristine chain of volcanic islands that make up the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Galapagos. Situated 972 kilometres (604 miles) west of the mainland, the Galapagos Islands are a mecca for nature enthusiasts. Made famous by Charles Darwin who studied the island’s fantastic array of species, which ultimately contributed to his theory of evolution, the island’s endemic fauna and flora are as fascinating today as they were in 1835.

The islands’ moon-like landscapes, interspersed with rugged vegetation, certainly create an ethereal atmosphere, yet they are a haven to a flourishing population of marine iguanas, sea lions, giant tortoises and an exceptional array of birds such as the blue-footed boobie and flightless cormorant. Adventures abound in-and-around the Galapagos. The best way to explore this archipelago of 19 islands is by luxury yacht. On the islands, you can hike through the volcanic landscape or walk along the rocky beaches before enjoying a snorkelling expedition.

Why Visit?

  • Follow in Darwin’s footsteps and discover the Galapagos’ exceptional array of fauna and flora, in the company of an expert naturalist.
  • Revel in the opportunity to encounter a plethora of marine life and other exceptional species such as Darwin’s finch, Galapagos hawk, iguanas, Galapagos snakes and so much more.
  • Cruise around the Galapagos Islands in the sublime comforts of a luxury catamaran, where you will be treated to the most in-depth explorations of the islands and their surrounding waters.


Summer (December to May)
The average daytime temperature 29°C/85°F

Winter (June to September)
Average daytime temperature 18°C/65°F

The Galapagos Islands have a subtropical climate. The dry season is from October to December.

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