Why visit Southern Patagonia?

Southern Patagonia offers a kaleidoscopic mix of remote and untamed landscapes that will thrill the senses with their unrivalled beauty.

Sparsely populated and ruggedly beautiful, Southern Patagonia is located at the southern tip of South America and is shared by Chile and Argentina. The region is vast, covering 240 000 square kilometres, and over half of this destination is a protected wilderness area ideal for hiking and exploring. The south of Patagonia is home to Chile’s iconic Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, renowned for its rugged horn-shaped peaks of the Cuernos del Paine and pristine sand-coloured lowlands where the huaso countrymen, or baqueano, practice age-old cattle herding traditions.

In the north, enormous ice fields flank brilliant blue glaciers whilst fjords and deep channels usher penguins to their waters. Not only does this breathtaking region feature a rich entanglement of rainforest and mountain ranges that stretch across the horizon, but it is also the official gateway to Antarctica, the earth’s southernmost continent.

Why Visit?

  • This wild, rugged region remains as vast, remote, untouched and infinitely beautiful as when the first European settlers described it more than 500 years ago
  • Guests can explore the myriad islands, imposing icy blue glaciers, majestic mountains, lush forests, crystal clear lakes, cascading waterfalls and labyrinth of deep channels
  • The mighty Torres del Paine mountains, situated in the heart of the pristine National Park, are iconic to Chilean Patagonia
  • Tierra del Fuego Island, the largest island in South America, boasts breathtaking blue glaciers and deep waters where guests can witness penguin colonies, sea lions, sea elephants and dolphins


Summer (October-April)
The average daily temperature is 11°C/52°F

Winter (May-September)
The average daily temperatures are 2°C/36°F

Given that Patagonia covers such a large geographic distance, the climates do vary between the different regions. The famous Torres del Paine National Park enjoys a microclimate with warmer temperatures in summer and less wind in winter.


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