How do I get to and around India?

There are a multitude of different transport methods to get to and around India

Travel to India

India has four international airports in the major centres of Mumbai (Bombay), Delhi, Kolkata (Calcutta) and Chennai (Madras). The government-run Indian Airways is the country’s largest domestic airline, although other airlines do exist, and there are frequent domestic flights between the main cities.



India has 17 international airports including the four major centres of Mumbai (Bombay), Delhi, Kolkata (Calcutta) and Chennai (Madras). The government-run Air India is the country’s largest domestic network, although other airlines offer excellent service, and there are frequent flights between the main cities. Tickets are affordable and easy to obtain in Delhi and departure tax is almost always automatically included in the price.



&Beyond India can provide a chauffeured transport service that includes personalised assistance from the moment that you set foot in India. Your chauffeur will be on hand to welcome you as you step off the airplane and will drive you safely and securely to your destination in one of our fleet of air-conditioned vehicles. Your vehicle and chauffeur will be ready and waiting to take you on sightseeing tours or shopping expeditions at your convenience. This mode of transport allows you to choose to travel throughout India by road or to be met by your chauffeur driven vehicle on arrival at any railway station or airport throughout the country.


Car hire is freely available in India, although most rental companies limit the mileage included in the hire price. However, the traffic in India, particularly in the cities, is rather chaotic and it is recommended that visitors hire a driver rather than braving the busy roads on their own. In larger towns taxis and rickshaws are easily available.


India has a relatively cheap and extensive railway system, and it is possible to reach many destinations by rail. However, trains are often very crowded, and visitors may find a rail journey an exhausting, although colourful, experience. Trains are divided into separate classes and it is important to pay attention to this when booking your trip, as it will determine how much space you will have on the train. Mention that you are a tourist when booking your tickets, as a number of tourist tickets are allocated to each route, making seats easier to book.


The bus service varies widely between different regions, with private operators, as well as government transport, active on many routes. Although more expensive, privates busses are faster and more comfortable. However, most bus transport remains slow and cramped, and is generally not recommended.

What to Remember When Travelling Around India

India is a large country and, unless you are travelling by air, your journey is likely to take a fair amount of time. Plan your time accordingly and remember to break your journey at reasonable intervals.


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