A female elephant with two young Kaziranga national park in north east India

Why visit Kaziranga National Park?

Discover a plethora of wildlife as well as endangered species such as the tiger, one-horned rhino and indo-gangetic dolphin in the Kaziranga National Park.

Home to some of India’s largest mammals, Kaziranga boasts a thriving population of one-horned rhino, Asian elephant and Asiatic wild buffalo, as well as the swamp deer known as barasingha, wild boar sloth bear and many others. grasslands, marshes and tropical forests, the vast expanse of the park stretches from the banks of the Brahmaputra River to the dense forests of the Mikir Hills.

Everything appears larger than life at Kaziranga – even some of the largest snakes in the world, including the reticulated and Indian pythons, king cobra and branded krait, are found here. The reserve is also a birdwatcher’s paradise, with almost 500 species encountered here, including many migrants.

Why Visit?

  • Discover Kaziranga’s Big Five, which includes 70% of the world’s one-horned rhinoceros population, herds of Asiatic elephant, Asiatic buffalo, eastern swamp deer and tigers. It is the country’s most recently declared tiger reserve.
  • Marvel at the park’s other inhabitants such as the wild pig, barking deer (Muntjac), hog deer, the assamese macaque, the highly endangered golden langur, capped langur and India’s only ape, the hoolock gibbon.
  • Head to the Brahmaputra River to encounter the endangered indo-gangetic dolphin and the smooth-coated otter, which is often seen in its tributary, the Dipholu River.
  • Reptile enthusiasts are in for a treat. Some of the largest snakes in the world can be found in the park such as the reticulated python, Indian python, king cobra and the banded krait.
  • You will also be able to view the rare assam roofed turtle, Bengal monitor lizard, and water monitor lizard, which can reach up to six feet long.
  • Bird lovers will also delight in the 500 species found in the park.


Summer (May – September)
Min 23°C/73°F Max 40°C/104°F

Winter (October – April)
Min11°C/52°F Max 23°C/73°F

The climate of this region is tropical. Summers are hot and humid and Winters are pleasant. The park is closed from July to early October during monsoon.

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