Why visit Pench National Park?

Travel to the spectacular Pench National Park, set in a flourishing teak jungle, which is home to various deer species, tiger and leopard.

A spectacular natural reserve, set among typical Central Indian teak jungle, Pench National Park offers a quiet and secluded game viewing experience. Taking its name from the meandering Pench River, which intersects the park, the reserve sprawls over a breathtaking landscape of hills, forests and valleys. Coupled with the feeling of having the entire forest to yourself, the gentle, undulating scenery of the Satpura Hills creates an unforgettable jungle experience.

The mosaic of vegetation, from lush valleys to dry, deciduous forests creates a range of habitats for India’s exotic wildlife. Flat hilltops known as dadars appear among grassy expanses and riverine forests. A typical central Indian teak forest, Pench supports a rich variety of wildlife, including the tiger, leopard, wild dog, gaur, sambar, chital and brilliant wildlife.

Why Visit?

  • Immerse yourself in the traditional life of nearby community on a guided cultural tour.
  • Visit a local farmers market. This fascinating excursion will allow visitors to view the sublime spices of the region and the vegetable market provides a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours.
  • Embark on a journey to a nearby potter’s village. With only 110 families, this small village hosts craftsmen of unique and fascinating talents.


Summer (May – September)
Min 23°C/73°F Max 40°C/104°F

Winter (October – April)
Min11°C/52°F Max 23°C/73°F

The climate of this region is tropical. Summers are hot and humid and winters are pleasant. The park is closed from July to early October during monsoon season.

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