herd of elephants and water selous

Why visit the Selous Game Reserve?

Dotted with palm trees and criss-crossed by the channels of the Rufiji River, the Selous is as unique as it is vast. Spanning an area larger than Switzerland, only its northern tip is restricted to photographic safari. Here guests can experience the wonders of the bushveld on foot, by vehicle or on river cruises.

Spend nights out in the wild, sleeping in intimate fly-camps, savouring meals cooked over the coals and sleeping with a canopy of stars for a roof.

Why Visit?

  • In the Selous walking is encouraged and the area itself makes for some of the best walking experiences in the world.
  • Boat safaris are at their best in the Selous, where wildlife can be viewed from a new perspective.
  • Perfect place for fly-camping under a mosquito net with the African night sky for a ceiling.
  • This is the go-to reserve for all out-of the vehicle safaris in Tanzania.
  • The Selous is Africa’s largest game reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The Rufiji River is one of the largest water systems in East Africa and runs through a vast area of the Selous.


Min 20°C/68°F Max 30°C/86°F

Min 19°C/66°F Max 25°C/77°F

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