Why visit the Ruaha National Park?

The park is Tanzania’s best kept game viewing secret.

At 12 950 km² (7 457 square miles), the pristine and untouched Ruaha National Park is only marginally smaller than the Serengeti. Ruaha is bordered in the north by the Kizigio and Rungwa River Game Reserves and together they form a 26 500 km² (10 230 square mile) conservancy, one of the biggest in East Africa.

Ruaha is visually a treat, with rocky outcrops and mountain ranges. The focal point of the reserve is the Great Ruaha River, with its deep gorges, swirling rapids and excellent fishing.

With over 10 000 elephants, 30 000 buffalo, 20 000 zebra and huge populations of lion and leopard (not to mention more than 400 bird species), Ruaha is a naturalist’s paradise.

Why Visit?

  • Lose yourself on a tranquil boating safari.
  • The park is Tanzania’s best kept game viewing secret.
  • Ruaha is where East and Southern Africa meet, resulting in a game park that has both regions’ species.

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