Why visit Chobe National Park?

A wildlife enthusiast’s dream, Chobe National Park is one of the top wilderness reserves in the world.

The Chobe River is an oasis in a dry region and, with water being a lifeline to many species, game is abundant here. The largest concentration of elephant in Africa occupies this park and, in the mid to late afternoon, herd after herd comes down to the Chobe banks, some small in number and other counting in the hundreds. Each takes its turn to drink the precious water, swim in the cool river or just jostle for position. Inland from the river is a semi-arid habitat, while around the oasis vegetation is abundant.

Herds of sable antelope, mostly seen in the dry regions, can be spotted coming down to drink, only to disappear back into the drier areas. The puku is an indigenous and endangered antelope that can only be seen along the Chobe River banks and in pockets in the Linyanti swamps. Roan antelope are also seen, along with giraffe, kudu, bushbuck, waterbuck, zebra, wildebeest, warthog, lion, leopard and the occasional African wild dog. Large herds of buffalo are found along the Chobe riverfront and grazing on the islands, crossing from one to the other or back to the mainland.

An African fish eagle is perched on what seems like every tree. Male fish eagles fly above the waters, crying out for a mate. Wire tailed swallows hunt and swoop above the river waters while darters dry themselves on dead logs at the water’s edge. Kingfishers sit silently in wait for their next opportunity to strike upon their prey and the colourful, endangered African skimmers skim the waterline of the river.

Why visit?

  • Excellent catch and release fishing.
  • Exceptional water activities available year-round.
  • Land and water safaris.
  • Elephant, hippo, leopard, lechwe, tsessebe, waterbuck, buffalo herds, wild dog.
  • Outstanding birdlife.


Summer (October-April)
20°C/69°F morning, 30°C/86°F afternoons

Winter (May-September)
6°C/42°F morning, 25°C/78 afternoons

Rainfall varies.


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