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&Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Perched on the edge of the Crater itself, this award-winning lodge is fit for a king and queen.

Guests can be forgiven for losing track of which era, or even continent, they are experiencing at &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge. Nowhere else on earth can you wake up among all the trappings of an elegant baroque chateau - brocade sofas, gilt mirrors, beaded chandeliers and panelled walls - and be instantly transported into one of the most famous African landscapes with just one glance out the window of the lodge. In this place of dramatic contrasts, where Versailles meets Maasai, anything is possible and the natural luxury of the breathtakingly beautiful setting ensures the dramatic interior of your suite blends perfectly with its stilted thatch architecture.

360 Degree View

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About the Lodge

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Why Visit

  • Situated on the rim of the beautiful Ngorongoro Crater
  • Spectacular Crater views from everywhere in the suites, including the bathroom
  • Ornate architecture
  • Rich wildlife experience on the Crater floor
  • Experience Maasai and cattle living among the wildlife
  • Fresh springs and large soda lake within the Crater
  • Seasonal sightings of flamingo on the soda lake


Summer (October-March)
Daytime temperatures above 30˚C / 86˚F

Winter (April-September)
Night-time temperature rarely drops below 19˚C / 66˚F

Summer is calving season, while autumn sees the wild flowers bloom. Winter is peak season, and perfect for game viewing.

Fast Facts

  • Best time to travelSummer is calving season, while autumn sees the wild flowers bloom. Winter is peak season, and perfect for game viewing.
  • Recommended for ChildrenChildren are welcome. See our Family Travel page.
  • Guest SafetyThe lodge is not fenced off and we request guests be extremely vigilant at all times.
  • Lodge AmenitiesThree intimate camps, fireplaces in each suite, private butler service, decadent dining rooms, Safari Shop celebrates local crafts.
  • LanguagesSwahili and English.
  • WildlifeHigh concentration of predators and magnificently tusked elephants.
  • CurrencyTanzanian Shillings.
  • CapacityMaximum guests on the property is 60.

Recommended Tours


Ngorongoro Crater Lodge offers a choice of exceptional additional activities that highlight the best of what the destination has to offer.

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Enhance Your Stay With

  • Game drives on the Crater floor
  • Walks within the lodge grounds
  • Crater floor banquets 
  • Day trips to Olduvai Gorge and Shifting Sands 
  • Choice of three walking safaris, ranging from a few hours to full-day experiences 
  • Masaai delight with pre dinner drinks 
  • Rose petal dinners
  • Private sundowners on the rim
  • African dummers
Learn More about Ngorongoro Crater lodge
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    Perched on the edge of the Crater itself, this award-winning lodge is fit for a king and queen.

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    Steeped in romance, each stilted, handcrafted banana thatch suite is adorned with graceful antiques and unforgettable opulence.

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    True African hospitality lies at the core of &Beyond's lodges and camps throughout the continent.

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