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&Beyond Lake Manyara Tree lodge

The only permanent luxury lodge in Lake Manyara National Park, Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is renowned for its romantic stilted tree house suites that are shaded by a mahogany forest. After an exhilarating game drive, guests stop for sundowners on the lakeshore below the Great Rift Valley wall.

Most people think that the famous tree-climbing lions at Lake Manyara have developed their climbing habit to get away from annoying insects. At &Beyond, we have our own theory - they’re jealous of our magnificent treehouse suites at &Beyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge! Cradled in the boughs of an ancient mahogany forest, the lodge blends into the natural beauty of its breathtaking surroundings. 

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About the Lodge

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Why Visit

  • Romantic treehouse suites
  • Situated in a remote and secluded area of the park
  • Spectacular Rift Valley scenery and dramatic escarpment views
  • Incredible variety of habitats and wildlife
  • Soda lake with pink flamingos
  • Maji Moto hot springs
  • Renowned for tree-climbing lions
  • An incredible 400 to 600 bird species
  • Wildlife visitors within the lodge


Summer (October-March)
Daytime temperatures above 30˚C / 86˚F

Winter (April-September)
Night-time temperature rarely drops below 19˚C / 66˚F

Birds are at their best in summer. Long rains arrive between April and May. In winter, elephants seek refuge here from the dry season.

Fast Facts

  • Best time to travel All year-round. Best game viewing is from August to September and December to February
  • Recommended for ChildrenChildren are welcome. See our Family Travel page.
  • Guest SafetyThe lodge is not fenced off and we request guests to be extremely vigilant at all times
  • Lodge Amenities10 treehouse suites, Pool, Outdoor showers, Interactive kitchen, Safari Shop, Boma for open-air dining
  • LanguagesSwahili Language, English Language
  • WildlifeElephant, hippo, buffalo, lion, baboon, 400 species of birds
  • CurrencyTanzanian shilling
  • Capacity10 Treehouses, 20 guests

Recommended Tours


Lake Manyara Tree Lodge offers a choice of exceptional additional activities that highlight the best of what the area has to offer.

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Enhance Your Stay With

  • Twice daily game drives
  • Night drives 
  • Maasai cultural visits
  • Explore Lake Manyara by bicycle or on foot on trails that run through the local community 
Learn More about Lake Manyara Tree Lodge
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    The only permanent luxury lodge in Lake Manyara National Park, this lodge is renowned for its romantic stilted tree house suites.

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    Hidden away in the forest, Lake Manyara Tree Lodge offers a sophisticated blend of natural indulgence and romance.

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    True African hospitality lies at the core of &Beyond's lodges and camps throughout the continent.

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