kichwa working with communities

Working with communities at &Beyond Kichwa Tembo

The landlords of the private concession where &Beyond Kichwa Tembo is situated are the Oloololo Ranch Group, who receive economic benefits through the concession fees paid to them by &Beyond. Almost 50% of the staff employed at Kichwa are drawn directly from local communities, with most of the remaining 50% made up of other Kenyans.

A number of income earning initiatives supported by &Beyond have brought additional benefits to the surrounding communities. A beekeeping project has been set up to provide a sustainable means of income for women in three communities, as well as for a local primary school. A total of 80 beehives produce honey that is sold to &Beyond Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp and Bateleur Camp.

A heifer project has harnessed the Maasai’s love of cattle by purchasing and donating a number of the animals to a local women’s group. While the cows produce milk for the community and heifer calves are kept to grow the herd, bull calves are sold at market to provide an income for the women and their families. The same women’s group received over a hundred baby chickens, funds were raised to build a chicken coop and education on poultry farming was provided. They are now able to make an additional income by selling eggs or chickens both to the local lodges and to the community. This small social business is now run independently by the Maasai women.