Taste Asia

Asian comfort food...

A mouth-watering array of Asian-inspired menus awaits! We’ve selected a few of our favourite recipes, which hail from across Asia. Each recipe exemplifies the vibrancy, heritage and blend of ingredients unique to its region of origin

Sri Lankan Cashew Nut Curry

This quick and easy creamy curry is always a crowd pleaser

Sri Lankan Prawn Coconut Curry

A fragrant, spicy and delicious curry for seafood lovers

Indian Sweet & Sour Tomato Curry

A simple and moreish vegetarian dish bursting with flavour

Hara Tawa Kebab

A delicious vegetarian snack best enjoyed with some chutney

Momo Dumplings

Quick, easy and delicious dumplings with spicy sauce

Nepali Chicken Curry

A rich, hearty and flavourful chicken curry for the soul

Kewa Datsi

A simple cheese and potato dish from the heart of Bhutan

Khasi Ko Kabab

This traditional mutton dish is cold weather comfort food

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