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It's not goodbye, but see you later

The world is opening up and our wonderful guests are starting to travel again. While this is welcome news for the wild places that we support and the animals and people that call them home, it means that we need to do a little readjusting to make sure that we can fully focus on both our real-life guests and our virtual ones.

In order to do this, we will have to put our &Beyond Connect Virtual Experiences and daily WILDwatch Live safaris temporarily on hold as we find the right balance to ensure our guides, chefs and wellness practitioners can meet the expectation of all our online and offline guests.

We absolutely love bringing &Beyond into your homes, offices and schools, and promise we will do our best to ensure that this is not a final goodbye, but simply a ‘see you later’.

In a quest to relieve the tedium of isolation, we’ve collaborated with wildlife broadcasting experts, WildEarth, to stream (in real time) twice-daily, three-hour long game drives from &Beyond Ngala Private Game Reserve, &Beyond Phinda Private Game ReserveDjuma Private Game Reserve, Tswalu and Pridelands Conservancy.

You can view the safaris between:

  • 06:30am – 09:30am CAT (sunrise dependent)
  • 14:30pm – 18:30pm CAT (sunset dependent)
How to ask questions on WILDwatch Live

Adult questions:
Morning and afternoon drives

WILDchild (children’s) questions:
Afternoon kiddies drive (first 45min of afternoon safaris): Email kidsquestions@wildearth.tv

NOTE: We’ve been loving the incredible response to our WILDwatch Live safaris. Because of the increasing popularity of the drives, we are receiving a high volume of questions, and the guides are doing their utmost best to answer as many questions as they can. We ask that you please be patient with us and apologise if we somehow miss your query. Thank you again for your phenomenal support!

Get your daily safari fix

LIVE FROM the African bush

Join twice-daily, live, African safaris online. Our collaboration with wildlife broadcasting experts, WildEarth – to stream (in real-time) three-hour morning and afternoon game drives – may be on pause on our site, but you can catch daily drives on theirs.

Virtual Experiences

Invite a ranger into your home (sort of)

Book some face-to-(virtual)-face time with our knowledgeable &Beyond guides.
  • USD 250
  • 1.5 HOURS

My WILDwatch Online

Private Virtual Safari

Have the luxury of sitting in on a virtual session with an expert &Beyond guide who will interpret the incredible sightings of a recorded WILDwatch Live drive with you. This is a slightly more interpretive experience, allowing the opportunity to really deep dive into recorded sightings as well as offering the opportunity to discuss topics of special interest.

  • USD 200
  • 1 HOUR


Ngala Private Game Reserve

You’ve come to know hosts Eric, Nikki, Shaun, Barney and Roan through our exciting WILDwatch Live / WildEarth initiative; now you can meet them in person and discuss our WILDwatch highlights, directly after the morning or afternoon drives.

  • USD 200
  • 1 HOUR


Phinda Private Game Reserve

Recently launched at &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve, our WILDwatch Live / WildEarth initiative is bringing Seven Worlds of Wonder, the Big Five, and so much more to your screen. Now you can meet Jarryd, Damen, Dumi or Clive to discuss their wildlife highlights, directly after the morning or afternoon drive.

  • FROM USD 200
  • 1 HOUR


South Africa

Our WILDchild: Becoming a Ranger series offers young ones (ages 6 to 10), and the young at heart, the opportunity to learn some of the important skills our rangers use every day in the field. Join in on a Q&A session and enjoy our “to-do at home” mission challenges.

WILDwatch highlights

Ngala and Phinda Private Game Reserve

Meet the team

Your virtual guides at &Beyond

Stories to inspire

WILDwatch stories from the field

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