Exploring Jodhpur’s bazaars

Browse the traditional crafts of the Blue City of Jodhpur

The essence of Exploring Jodhpur’s bazaars

Indulge in some retail therapy in the bustling bazaars of the ancient city of Jodhpur. Immersed in the rocky outcrops and golden sands of the Thar Desert, Jodhpur is a burst of striking blue and as such is fondly known as the Blue City. Famous for the distinctive colour of its buildings, it is both a reminder of the Brahmins, who used to paint their houses blue to deter insects and to keep dwellings cool during the summer.

In the company of a guide, set off to explore markets and bazaars, each with their own traditional wares. A broad, open street connects Jodhpur’s modern centre with the bustling heart of the old city and the Sardar Market, where a hubbub of bustling bazaars is tucked beneath the landmark clock tower. Spreading out from the clock tower is a buzzing tangle of ancient alleys where traders barter, vendors haggle, puppet makers and traditional spice markets jostle for space with the excellent antique reproductions for which the city is famous and tiny shops brim with traditional jewellery and leather shoes. The well-known Kapra Bazaar is renowned for its array of Rajasthan-inspired pieces, velvety textiles and lush brocades. Mochi Bazaar boasts the colourful patterns and styles of Rajasthan’s famous curled footwear, as worn by movie genies and other exotic characters. Marvel at the tie-dyed fabrics that line the stalls of Sarafa Bazaar, with colourful patterns etched on chiffon, cotton and silk. Stroll along the stalls of Jodhpur’s many bazaars for a full sensory experience, characterised by lustrous colours, distinct aromas and rich textures.


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