Anakonda Amazon Cruises

A luxury boutique hotel cruising over the salient Amazonian River

The spirit of Anakonda Amazon Cruises

The Anakonda Amazon Cruise is the only luxury ship in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest and serves as an ergonomic master that sails across the most bio-diverse corner of the Earth. The boat boasts 18 spacious and grand suites with minimalistic and contemporary settings, modern bathrooms and full-length window views of the breathtaking scenery bordering the river. The observation deck, outdoor jacuzzi and el fresco lounge invites guests to relax, indulge and marvel at the incredible flora and fauna native to the Amazon and sits marvelously atop the boat’s deck. It eliminates the fear of the unknown mighty Amazon and replaces it with a mystical air and reverence.

Kayaks and canoes line the boats edge ready for the multitude of adventure and educational activities marshaled by naturalist tour leaders. Sumptuous meals are whipped up with ingredients gathered from the tropics, prepared with local Ecuadorian flair, and enjoyed in the midst of the forest or on the airy decks of the boat. This floating hotel offers all the comforts and luxury of a five-star resort coupled with the wonders of an ever-changing harlequin landscape.

What we love about Anakonda Amazon Cruises

  • Founder Raúl García is an expert naval commander and ecotourism pioneer who dedicated himself to educating and introducing the world to the many wonders of the mystic Amazon.
  • The experience of being on a floating hotel but never sacrificing the luxury of a modern and comfortable life.
  • The orchestra of subtle noises, such as the swish of the boat cruising over the water and the crescendo of fauna rustling in the forest.

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