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Our Vision 2020

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are.”
– Steve Jobs

Vision 2020 was established in 2015 to unite &Beyonders towards key focus areas under each of our “care pillars.” It has increased our impact by establishing the necessary discipline and accountability in measuring and reporting against our agreed goals for Care of the Land, Care of the Wildlife and Care of the People.

Care of the Land goals

As part of our commitment each of our lodges is tasked with the responsibility to operate with minimum impact.

1. Reducing our direct carbon footprint by 8% by:

1.1  Reducing reliance on non-renewable energy
– Ratio of 43% renewable to 57% non-renewable energy at all generator based lodges

1.2  Set up a discipline of measurement:
– 100% of our lodges are audited with a minimum group average audit score of 65%
– Average Group Stats accuracy score of 95%

1.3  Building for efficiency
– 100% of all new builds will have been signed off against a sustainability checklist by the Sustainability Manager.

2.  Sustainable use of water by:

2.1  Reduce water use from source
– Maximum Group water usage per head = 500L

2.2  Increase re-use and effective waste water management
– 100% of our lodges to be installed with above ground  waste water treatment plants

3.  Zero plastic water bottles by:

3.1  Instalation of bottling plants at 100% of &Beyond lodges

3.2  Making use of regional recycling initiatives

Care of the Wildlife goals

We focus on the preservation of endangered species through conservation (both of the species and the land on which they exist), translocations and breeding programs.

1. Protection of endangered species by focusing on at least 3 endangered species:

1.1  Rhino
1.2  Suni & Ader’s duiker
1.3  Cheetahs

2. Active management of the wildlife population to maintain biodiversity where we have full control on the land by:

2.1  Wildlife conservation management

2.2  Land management with removal of evasive weeds and fire plants

3. Supporting wildlife conservation education by:

3.1  50 conservation lessons per lodge per year

Care of the People goals

We work closely with the communities surrounding the wildlife areas where we operate, whether by interacting with them as landlords, as employers or through community development initiatives with Africa Foundation

1. Maximise our localised shared value opportunities through economic benefit:

1.1  Local procurement
– At least 50% of lodge operational expenses are sourced from small local business

1.2  Local employment
– At least 65% local

1.3  Create / maintain 1 – 2 small local business per region

2. Maximize our localised shared value opportunities through capacity building:

2.1  Commitment to local skills development
– Local community members attendance in at least 3 skills development interventions per year per country

– At least 5 Star-in-Training opportunities provided per country per year

– Members attendance in at least 3 skills development interventions per year per country

1.2  Facilitate formal education program participation
– Through Community Leaders Education Fund (CLEF), an Africa Foundation project

3. Maximize our localises shared value opportunities through social service infrastructure:

3.1  3 Star Projects per region across healthcare or education infrastructure