Objective 5:
Global reach

Magic happens when knowledge is shared through education, public engagement and collaboration…

Magic happens when knowledge is shared through education, public engagement and collaboration.  The sparks of new learnings are soon fanned into a powerful blaze of global awareness.

Over this last year, Oceans Without Borders has created an extraordinary platform for shared learnings, with a number of notable highlights:

  • OWB was showcased by Les Carlisle, &Beyond Group Conservation Manager, at the Volvo Ocean Race Symposium on Ocean Plastic Pollution in December 2017
  • Dr Tessa Hempson, Project Operations Manager for OWB, hosted and gave interviews to a number of international journalists in the past year resulting in a number of articles, both online and in print
  • The International Ocean Film Tour, a 3-month long travelling film tour for ocean lovers, chose ‘Vamizi, Cradle of Coral’ as one of the main films for the tour. The film features OWB’s Dr Tessa Hempson, who joined the tour in Germany as a guest speaker, giving live interviews on stage to sell-out audiences at 12 shows in 5 cities across the country.
  • &Beyond Mnemba Island participated in the first Zanzibar Tourism Trade Fair, where 200 Oceans Without Borders Pledges were made and Dr Tessa Hempson from Oceans Without Borders presented
  • Africa Foundation’s Conservation Officer, Bakari Jaha, hosted a number of school groups and fishermen from the local communities on Mnemba Island, with interactive ecological lessons being the order of the day

The importance of collaboration in incalculable. It is only by working with like-minded individuals and organisations that real change can be generated. We are currently networking with numerous local and international stakeholders across multiple sectors: from scientists to industry, governments to NGO’s, from business to media, and magic is happening everywhere.

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