Environment and conservation

Tomorrow’s natural resources will stand a better chance of survival if today’s rural communities are inspired to conserve them

The simple truth is that it is only when the rural communities neighbouring our protected wilderness areas are motivated to value these precious resources, that conservation has a fighting chance.

Conservation Lessons

18,000 conservation lessons in 28 years: environmental education is one of the cornerstones of Africa Foundation’s community focus areas. The goal is to instill in both children and adults an appreciation, respect and understanding of the natural resources that surround them.

For the full impact potential of the &Beyond model of Care of the Land, Wildlife and People to be realised, the support of the communities living alongside these wilderness areas is essential.

In this regard, conservation lessons aim not only to educate, but also to create a deeper awareness of the interdependence between preserving this biodiversity and the meaningful community benefits that come hand in hand with conservation.

2019 Conservation lessons:
  • East Africa: 1, 827
  • Indian Ocean Islands: 1,593
  • Botswana: 300
  • Namibia: 64 learners
  • South Africa: 1,272 learners; 163 teachers


Oceans Without Borders

In collaboration with Africa Foundation, this marine conservation programme expands our impact model to include care of the ocean, marine life and coastal communities.

Rhinos Without Borders

A collaboration between &Beyond, Great Plains Foundation and Africa Foundation, this project is dedicated to the survival of Southern Africa’s wild rhinos.


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