Canoeing the Amazon

Glide through the Amazon

The essence of Canoeing

Embark on a fantastic adventure cruising down the Amazon. This exciting and popular activity allows you to paddle at your own pace and experience the beauty of the Amazonian tributaries. Guide yourself around on your canoe, marvel at the staggeringly diverse eco-system, and relish the moment, meandering down the Amazon, a once in a lifetime experience.

Gliding through the lush vegetation with a cacophony of chattering birds, and the bustling activity of wildlife, the jungle is truly captivating. All the more incredible is the vastness of the space that you would imagine to be chaotic, but rather, lends itself to a tranquil hush.

The river is a powerful, living body of water giving life to incredible riverside communities, rich abundant foliage that is home to elusive exquisite wildlife, and a primal world of rustlings, calls and roars. If you are feeling intrepid, seek out the waterways less travelled and explore streams and lagoons. Feast your eyes on new territories as you are navigated by experienced native guides.

The Amazon basin is a spectacular haven for birdlife and with over 610 species of birds you will never be far from viewing a magnificent, kaleidoscopic fluttering of wings or hear a melodious, chattering tweet. Majestic Harpy Eagle, stunningly colourful Blue-and-Yellow Macaws and lofty hawks ensure the skies are always on display.

Cast your eyes around you and encounter incredible sights, playful otters, leaping dolphins, slumbering sloths and playful monkeys. The Amazon is an incredibly unpredictable place and you will never have the same experience twice.

Drawing you to the world famous Yasuní Biosphere Reserve and the enchanting lakes of the Cuyabeno, among other sites within a number of national parks and reserves, local guides will astound as they carve a window for you into the flourishing, verdant jungle.


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