Kopelion ngorongoro conservation lion cub

A Lion Recovery Fund Project

Ngorongoro Crater lion conservation experience with KOPELion

KopeLion Overview

The future of lions is in great peril, as their terrain is ever shrinking due to a burgeoning population, and hostility with humans often leads to their demise. An excellent conservation organisation, KOPELion (Korongoro People’s Lion Initiative) researches the lion populations and human settlement in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) and Serengeti.

This research is to find sustainable ways and means for coexistence, and to ensure a ‘corridor of tolerance’ between human and lions without conflict. Local warriors, Ilchokuti, are lion guardians who have the committed task of patrolling and safeguarding the area of the Greater Serengeti ecosystem in northern Tanzania. Amongst their duties they search for lost livestock, fortify livestock enclosures, and assist with wounded livestock. These much-revered ambassadors, whose primary focus is ensuring the prevention of lions being hunted, are in constant pursuit for the sustainability of these magnificent kings of the jungle.

&Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge guests are able to interact with the KopeLion conservation team to get a deeper understanding of the day to day operations. These experiences have to be booked in advance due to the availability of the teams on the ground and attract a donation towards KOPE Lion.

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