Local community visit

Glimpse the daily lives of local communities

The essence of a Local community visit

A community excursion offers a fantastic opportunity to  learn more about the wonderfully diverse communities of  KwaZulu-Natal. Embark on an insightful tour with Africa Foundation, &Beyond’s community development partner, which has been active within the rural communities surrounding &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve for 25 years. Gain first-hand knowledge of the Foundation’s various projects, aimed at improving education, healthcare and access to water, as well as the development of local businesses in the area. You will have the opportunity to visit projects in the Mduku and Mnqobokazi communities, including the Khulani Special School, a community crèche, the Mduku Clinic, the Nkomo Full Service Primary School, the Mbhedula Craft Market or the Dongwelethu Poultry Project.

These tours offer insight into the everyday lives of community members as well as the difficulties they may face. For instance, the Khulani Special School was created by two concerned community members to meet the needs of children with disabilities living within the communities of Mduku, Mnqobokazi and Nibela, who previously had to travel over 150 kilometres to the nearest formal special needs school.  The Mduku Clinic was built by Africa Foundation in 1995, before which the closest hospital was 70 kilometres away and the only access to a nurse was a mobile clinic that visited the community once a fortnight. Now up to 42 000 patients visit the clinic annually and the facility provides emergency care, treatment of chronic diseases and a wing dedicated to the healthcare of women and children. Nkomo Full Service Primary School was formed in 1997 by stalwart teacher Nomusa Zikhali, who used to teach 60 children under the shade of trees. Now, Nkomo is a full service primary school with more than 20 classrooms and over 1 000 pupils.

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