Explore Zanzibar on a Spice Island Tour

Live a royal fantasy at the Mtoni Palace

The essence of the Spice Island tour

Follow the scent of spices like vanilla, cloves, turmeric, nutmeg and cinnamon, as you drive through the lush greenery of the island’s spice growing areas. Thrown into this heady mix, are those areas where a variety of intriguing plants and shrubs including the iodine plant, henna bush, ylang ylang, and the red fruit of the lipstick tree are grown for medicinal purposes and cosmetics. Your senses will be tantalised by the sight, smell, and taste of an exotic cocktail of tropical seasonal fruits, such as green coconut juice, jack fruit, pineapple, banana, and love apple.

The tour also includes a visit to:

  • The ancient Kidichi Persian Baths, built in 1850 by the first Sultan of Zanzibar, Sultan Seyyid Said. They were created for his beloved Persian wife, Princess Scheherezade, granddaughter of the Shah of Persia.
  • The fascinating Maruhubi Palace ruins, once home to 99 of the concubines of the third Sultan of Zanzibar, Seyyid Barghash.
  • Livingstone’s House, home to the great explorer and anti-slavery campaigner, Dr David Livingstone, until he left for his final expedition in 1866.

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