Snorkelling at Bazaruto

Snorkel along coral reefs teeming with rainbow coloured fish

The essence of Snorkelling

Venture out into the vast blue ocean on a boat, and explore exposed coastal reefs just off Benguerra Island at low tide with the aid of snorkelling gear. Witness the technicoloured marine life of the Indian Ocean, flitting through the translucent waters under the searching rays of the African sun.

Snorkelling at Two-Mile Reef will suit every guest, regardless of age and expertise. The boat ride out to the reef can be bumpy as the outgoing and incoming tides converge in the channel between Bazaruto and Benguerra Island. Two-Mile Reef is a flat-topped barrier reef renowned for its brilliant snorkelling. Highlights include a variety of hard and soft corals and many schools of reef and pelagic fish passing through. On the boat trip you may be lucky enough to spot playful dolphins and the elusive, endangered dugong.  Under the water you may encounter harmless reef sharks and slumberous turtles that effortlessly glide past with their wise eyes. Embrace the unspoilt beauty of the reef and the kaleidoscopic colours of the tropical fish that move in droves along the exposed coral. Two-Mile Reef is faultless in its beauty, guaranteeing an unforgettable outing, and is ideal for those who want to confidently explore the Indian Ocean’s shallower coral reefs. Your snorkelling excursion goes out at low tide, so is determined by the timing of the sea.

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