Sunset fishing & cruise with sundowners

Bask in the sunset on a champagne and canapé cruise in the Maldives

The essence of sunset fishing & cruise with sundowners

Glide across the pristine waters of the South Malé Atoll at sunset and learn the art of angling, the way the Maldivian fishermen have done for centuries. Once the boat is anchored, test your skills with fishing, bait your line, drop it overboard with sinkers and wait for a bite. Lounge on deck savouring the salty sea spray on your skin as the striking peach sun dips beneath the horizon and tempt your taste buds with delicious snacks, colourful cocktails and bubbly. Marvel at pods of playful dolphins leaping out of the water as the sky bursts like fireworks with a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, and the moon rises high illuminating the water in shimmering silver paths. This sunset cruise is the ideal way to unwind and really appreciate the idyllic paradise of the island, with a spot of fishing in between.

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