yoga and wellness zanzibar

Reawaken your soul and relax your body

Yoga and Wellness

The essence of Yoga and Wellness

Seize the wonderful opportunity to rejuvenate and heal in true African style. Embrace wide ranging wellness and spiritually awakening activities that draw inspiration from the breathtaking scenery of this unique and colourful island.

Delight in massages and wellness treatments by professional masseurs and therapists from East Africa, Thailand, Bali, and India. Be sure to try traditional cures and reflexologies, as well as an island inspired henna tattoo.

In addition to wonderful wellness treatments, indulge in a spiritual based activity from India. Channel your energy and increase your self-awareness with a yoga class placed against the background of a clear ocean. Classes are plentiful and can be accommodated to fit all levels of experiences and preferred styles.

Align your body and mind or indulge in your favourite massage, body scrub or wellness treatment, with the best natural and organic products on offer. These island spas are surrounded by the calmness of a warm Indian Ocean, white sand, and perfect weather.

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