zanzibar culture tour
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Discover the soul and heritage of Stone Town

Zanzibar Cultural tour

The essence of the cultural tour

Appreciate the rich culture and unique architecture of Stone Town, also known as Mji Mkongwe. Stone Town is ideally located in the old section of Zanzibar City, the main city of the archipelago. Stroll through the city’s winding streets full of bazaars and mosques. Admire smaller buildings that stretch right onto the shores and rocky ridges of the city.

Discover Stone City in the company of a private and experienced guide, who will tailor-make the excursion to suit guests personal interests and preferences.

Marvel at the variety of cultural influences, with a rich Swahili influence, as you wander along a maze of narrow streets and pathways. Gaze up at different 19th century buildings, all built from coral stone that lends a warm character to the city. Stroll past large verandas with carved banisters and large, engraved doors at the entrances of historic buildings.

Browse the busy markets of this World Heritage Site, awash with African and Asian inspired trinkets, aromatic herbs, and clothing.

End the tour with a visit to the Stone Town Heritage Society, dedicated to conserving, sustaining and restoring Zanzibar’s built environment and heritage.

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