Ocean safari

Lose yourself in a rainbow world beneath the waves

The essence of an Ocean safari

Whilst enjoying the exceptional Big Five at &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve, why not treat yourself to an Ocean Safari that offers the opportunity to encounter some of South Africa’s most beautiful marine life? Set off on board a semi-rigid inflatable boat in the company of a certified Dive Master and enjoy the prospect of encountering and swimming with sleek, silvery dolphins. Snorkel amongst  some of South Africa most magnificent coral reef, viewing a bevy of iridescent tropical fish. Marvel at the colossal forms of humpback and southern right whales. The temperate waters are awash with a plethora of diverse aquatic life, including the ancient walnut-hued leatherback and the white-bellied loggerhead turtles, the slow-moving, yellow-spotted whale shark, a variety of shy eels and hundreds of minute, kaleidoscopic fish that flit in and around the corals.

Marvel at the iridescent colours of a variety of tropical fish as they streak through the aquamarine waters, from the bright yellow of the butterfly fish to the topaz triggerfish and the distinct shapes and vivid colours of a variety of wrasse. Marvel at the medley of colours of the flourishing marine species beneath the calm, azure surface as you swim amidst the infinite hues of blue that stipple the sky and sea.

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