Explore the Maasai Mara on Horseback
(C) Ride Kenya Horseback Safaris

Gallop amongst the herds of the Masai Mara

Horseback safari

The essence of a horseback safari

A fantastic alternative to the traditional game viewing experience, a horseback safari is an excellent way to explore the vast, game-rich plains of the iconic Masai Mara. Suitable for both novices and experienced equestrians (although a basic level of experience is required), this two-hour activity will take you up close to plains game on well-schooled horses. The rides take place either in the morning or the afternoon and you will be equipped with boots, helmets and half chaps to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

This magnificent horseback adventure provides an intense experience of Africa’s incredible wildlife, diverse landscapes and traditional people. Discover and explore the wild of Africa and become part of the herds.

With the wind gently fanning your face and enveloped by the rich smells of nature, head out on your horse to explore this magnificently game rich area. Your eyes are drawn to prolific elephant, buffalo and plains game and, if you are lucky, perhaps you will even spot predators in the distance. Many of the horse safari rides in the Masai Mara are on short grass plains, allowing many opportunities for canters and gallops.

Inhale the dust and survey the expanse as you gallop after zebra, canter next to wildebeest and trot next to towering giraffe. Blissfully cut off from the outside world, this experience is a magnificent opportunity to immerse yourself in the wild.

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