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Learn about the elephants of Amboseli

Spend time with the team from the Amboseli Elephant Trust

The essence of spending time with the team from the Amboseli Elephant Trust

Learn more about the giants of East Africa on a captivating conservation tour to the Amboseli Elephant Trust. Dedicated to researching and protecting this threatened species, the trust offers guests the opportunity to learn first-hand about its all-important conservation work by attending lectures at the research camp or, by special arrangement, join a researcher in the field for a morning or afternoon excursion.

The world’s longest study of elephants, the Amboseli Elephant Research Project, profiles an unprecedented body of knowledge on the life-history and behaviour of African elephants. Established in 1972, detailed, precise and incredibly specific minutia of the lives of the Amboseli elephants have been recorded and described. Illustrious and acclaimed these are the most celebrated elephants in the world.

Each and every elephant has an identity and they have been named, numbered, or coded and can be recognized personally. There are photographic recognition cards of every adult and of most juveniles over seven years old. Younger calves can be recognized in the context of their families. This astonishing degree of recognition makes the Amboseli elephants the most recognised, free-ranging population in the world.

The highlight of Amboseli is the appreciation of masses of big-tusked, enormous grey elephants befittingly set against the magnificent tableau of Africa’s spectacular views of Mt Kilimanjaro.

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