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Al fresco dining in the park

Breakfast picnic in the bush

The essence of a breakfast picnic in the bush

Greet the day with a scrumptious breakfast picnic or toast to an unforgettable afternoon with a refreshing sundowner, in the midst of Amboseli National Park’s prized wilderness. With Mt Kilimanjaro as your backdrop and wildlife dotting the landscape in the distance, this adventure is a feast for the senses!

Offering not only sublime wildlife sightings, Amboseli National Park is also the consummate spot for exquisite views of iconic Mount Kilimanjaro. The Park boasts a magnificent view of its snow-capped peaks, rising almost six vertical kilometres above the savannah.

The world’s tallest free-standing mountain is best ogled when the golden curtains of the day open, and at the pale tinted orange sundown, when the voluminous clouds lift and the illumination is clear and soft.

The terrain of the Park consists of tangled scrubby vegetation and sweeping, lush, open grassy plains, which allow for fabulous game viewing and spotting. Rolling streams from Kilimanjaro create lush wetland that nourish an abundantly rich variety of wildlife and sustains the park’s ecosystem.  Most of the reputable mammals are here, boasting lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, spotted hyena, giraffe and cheetah, you are sure to relish this wild life buffet.  If your eyes are seduced by the fluttering in the skies, savour the over 300 kaleidoscopic bird species.

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