Aditya Panda

&Beyond Guide – India

Aditya Panda is an award-winning naturalist, wildlife conservationist and photographer from Orissa. He is well travelled across India’s tiger and elephant habitats, especially Central India, Uttarakhand, the Nilgiris – Western Ghats landscape, north Bengal dooars and lower Assam—which are famous in safari circuits – besides several other wildernesses that are not so well known on the wildlife tourism map.

While his conservation action is mostly limited to eastern Central India, he travels extensively to wildernesses across the country as a keen naturalist and a professional wildlife photographer. He has been working for the conservation of tiger and elephant landscapes and waterfowl in Orissa since his early teens and has amassed remarkable experience and repute at an early age.

He is currently working to empower frontline forest personnel working for the tiger in the largely ignored landscapes of his region. He has been particularly active in empowering and working with human-elephant conflict mitigation squads of the Athgarh Forest Division.

He documents, monitors, lobbies for and brings attention to the lesser-known tiger habitats in the expansive forest landscapes of eastern Central India, particularly his home state of Orissa and neighbouring regions. Aditya was co-editor of Tiger Link, the quarterly magazine of The Ranthambhore Foundation. He focuses not just on protected areas such as the Satkosia, Similipal, and Palamu tiger reserves but also in identifying and preserving the integrity of larger tiger and elephant landscapes. He believes that the vastness and continuity of these wildlife landscapes is key to the survival of tigers here and has tremendous faith in restoring these areas to their original richness.


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