Carretera Austral explorations in Northern Patagonia

Embark on an adventure through Coyhaique and Puerto Aysen

The essence of a Carretera Austral exploration

Explore the uncrowded and pristine Aysen Region of Northern Patagonia, Chile, best known for its world-class fly fishing, captivating beauty and warm hospitality. Delve into a unique journey into the local culture, deep history and exciting outdoor adventures of Coyhaique. Coyhaique located on the eastern slope of the Andes Mountain Range of Andes, is where the Simpson and Coyhaique rivers converge, and is the ideal location for intrepid adventure enthusiasts. Providing exhilarating rafting and kayaking in sensational surroundings, divine into liquid experiences and if you fancy yourself an angler, cast your line into the world famous Rio Simpson, a small stream meandering from a glacier high in the Andes Mountains. To gain insight into local cultures, visit the arts and crafts fair in Coyhaique’s Main Square. Here, you’ll find handmade products on the stands made with materials including native wood, leather, stone and wool, souvenirs that will remind you of your trip through the south of Chile.

Continue your adventure in the city of Puerto Aysen, located along the shore of the Aysen River. Surrounded by vibrant vegetation, and the rugged rocky mountains of the Cerro Mirador, Puerto Aysen is the gateway to the attractions of the region such as the Laguna San Rafael National Park and los Campos de Hielo patagónicos (Patagonian Ice Fields). With a sensational range of diverse landscapes, this is the ideal place to partake in adventure sports. Go white-water rafting down the Futaleufú; one of the world’s most renowned rafting routes, and strap on your hiking boots and traverse  magical  trekking itineraries or gaze at bubbling brooks, and enjoy  fly fishing giving you time to relax.

Wonder at the untouched nature of this area in the heart of Patagonia, with its evergreen forests and lengthy Carretera Austral, which will captivate you with beautiful views. Carretera Austral – Scenic Patagonia route that is one of a kind in the world. Over 1,000 kilometres of natural beauty await you at the southernmost tip of the world. The Carretera Austral (or Southern Highway) captures the hearts of intrepid drivers and cyclists with its pristine landscapes and possibly the freshest air in the world. The road passes alongside over 18 reserves and protected natural areas, many of which combine barely-touched and utterly splendid nature with accommodations and hiking trails, the latter allowing visitors to experience these unique wild places at their very best.

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