Chitwan National Park Nepal

Interact with and ride on Chitwan's gentle giants

Elephant safari

The essence of an elephant safari

An incredible wildlife environment, the World-Heritage listed Chitwan National Park is regarded as Nepal’s most popular national park due to its astonishing abundance of animals.

An unforgettable experience is riding atop magnificent grey giants, Chitwan’s elephants. An integral part of the park’s tapestry, these immense creatures blend perfectly into this natural habitat. High off the ground, comfortably nestled on a silvery, rumpled back, these gentle animals will transport you on a serene meander into the depths of the lush jungle. Steadily forging through lanky grass, dense vegetation, glistening ponds and gushing rivers, your elephant will carve out a path for you. Seeking out the wild things, including wild boar, kingfisher, deer and rhino, exploring Chitwan by elephant certainly has its advantages – putting you on top of the world and delivering a prime view. It may take a little time to get used to the gentle rolling motion, but soon you will be relaxed and astounded by the sightings.

The mahout, who care gently for these huge beasts, are fascinating to witness at first hand. Watch how they manoeuvre and direct the elephants through verbal commands and use their toes at the back of the elephant’s ear to control them.

Compassionate and intelligent, interacting with these majestic creatures is a thrilling experience. Each one with a distinctive personality, character and temperament, your magical journey will seem to pop up out of the pages of a Rudyard Kipling novel.  Your senses will be heightened when given the opportunity to touch, feel and smell these amiable animals. A truly beautiful experience awaits you here.

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