Safari game drive in Ruaha

Encounter a big-maned lion at Ruaha National Park

The essence of the safari game drive

A safari staple, game drives led by expert guides in the Ruaha National Park take place twice-daily and offer both the first-time and seasoned safari enthusiast a fantastic opportunity to encounter the wildlife of the region. Keep a look out for the park’s prized greater and lesser kudu as well as the striking sable antelope and its large herds of elephant. Delight when you come face to face with a big-maned lion and snap a picture of yourself standing next to one of Ruaha’s ancient baobabs. In the morning, extend your game drive to include a delectable picnic breakfast and in the evening, watch the final rays of the sun dance across the landscape as you enjoy a refreshing sundowner stop.

Ruaha boasts an extensive spectrum of wildlife including massive numbers of lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog and both lesser and greater kudu. Home to forty per cent of Tanzania’s lions and ten per cent of the total lion population of Africa, this is a spectacular place to discover the Kings of the Jungle. Great prides of over thirty stunning, glossy, golden felines roam the vast terrain affirming their small protected territory.

These large prides need substantial amounts of food and their favourite dish on the menu is hearty buffalo. When the stately buffalo prides leave, the lions pounce on giraffe, kudu and on rare occasion’s elephant.

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