Cultural tour of Tinga Tinga artists workshops

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The essence of the Cultural tour of Tinga Tinga artists workshops

This fascinating 1-hour cultural tour takes you to an art studio that specialises in Tinga Tinga painting. Interact with the artists and learn more about this brightly coloured painting technique that was popularised by painter Edward Saidi Tingatinga in Dar es Salaam – and maybe bring out your inner creativity by trying your hand at Tinga Tinga painting.

Recognised for its bright colours, decorative patterns and bold enamel dots Tinga Tinga is a local art form. Whatever your preference, you can purchase Tinga Tinga in many forms, with artists decorating everything from classic canvases to ceramics with the unique paintings. Authentic Tinga Tinga can be found at the Tinga Tinga Arts Cooperative Society located at the Morogoro Stores in Oyster Bay.

Originally where Edward Saidi Tingatinga marketed his designs, the Tinga Tinga Arts Cooperative Society is a superb spot to watch the artist at work and purchase Tinga Tinga paintings. At the start of his career Tingatinga foraged for materials and painted on abandoned ceiling boards using dregs of household paint bicycle enamel, and scuffed paintbrushes.

With no formal studies in art and extremely limited resources, he created an original and distinctive artistic style. Explosions of colour, his kaleidoscopic crowded paintings portray exotic animals and prismatic birds, scintillating dancing tribespeople and bustling scenes of dusty village life.
Tingatinga painting is related to a legend or saying from Tingatinga’s Makua tribal culture. The paintings are expressively an urban art form; however the subject matter is rustically rural.

Tragically just as Edward Tingatinga was flourishing in his artistic career he was shot and killed in 1972. His fellow artists in Dar formed the Tinga Tinga Arts Cooperative Society in his name, and the style he originated became a school of painting for artists from Dar and Zanzibar. These beautiful vibrant paintings are in demand all over the world, including Japan, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland as well as the USA.

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