Horseback Riding at Tswalu

Feel the Kalahari breeze in your hair while on horseback

The essence of horseriding at Tswalu

Enjoy exhilarating horseback riding ranging from first-time riders to experienced equestrians. Walk, canter or gallop across the dramatic expanse of grassy plains and rolling dunes led by two experienced guides who are accompanied by grooms. Ideal for all ages and experience types, there are a variety of horses to ride on including Quarter Horse cross, Thoroughbred, Shire, Appaloosa cross, Arab cross, Saddler cross and Boerperd crossbreeds. Lead ropes are used with younger children and an outdoor arena provides a secure environment to ride in. The pace is set by the most novice rider, however, groups can be split in two for those who wish for a more challenging ride. This is a beautiful experience, riding off into the billowing pomegranate sunset on your majestic horse, with the Korannaberg Mountains as the ideal backdrop. Hard hats, short and long chaps, gloves and boots are provided.

  • Summer rides are approximately two hours
  • Winter rides are longer


Only available as part of a planned itinerary