Safari game drive in Savute

Lose yourself among the herds at Savute

The essence of a safari game drive

Experienced guides tailor-make morning and evening game drives that suit the preferences of every guest, whether it’s to view predators feasting on a kill, learn about the mannerisms of certain animals and their habitats or simply to enjoy the vast expanse of bushveld and the panoramic surroundings. A remote and wild corner of Chobe National Park, Savute stretches from the park’s northern boundary to the Linyanti River. The area’s main feature is the mysterious Savute Channel, which flows and dries up seemingly unrelated to the rainfall or climate change. Dry and arid for almost 30 years, wildlife and birdlife in the area were sustained and nurtured by artificial watering holes. In recent years, the Savute Channel began to flow once more, resulting in the region’s complete transformation by returning the channel to its natural lush, nourishing and marsh-like state.

At a time when Savute experienced the worst of its dry era, lions evolved to the point of hunting majestic elephants. This rare phenomenon looms large in the memory of guides and travelers alike, as it was unparalleled and simply astonishing. The famous battleground now teems with lush grazing land and is home to herds of wildlife, including the rare roan and sable antelope.

As the winter months approach and the females prepare to den, marvel at increased sightings of the African wild dog, eager for the arrival of painted puppies. Spring is usually the driest season in Savute but draws flocks of birds that congregate around artificial watering holes. In the rainy summer months, mighty herds of breeding elephant move into the open Savute Marsh in majestic parades, while thousands upon thousands of zebra invade Savute to take full advantage of the rich pastures, rain-fed grasslands and brimming waterholes. Their striped presence attract predators such as lion, cheetah and leopard.


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