Plaza de Armas in Lima in Peru

Why visit Lima?

Steeped in history, Peru’s capital city of Lima, is enveloped by beautiful colonial vestiges bestowed upon the city by the Spanish. Once known as the City of Kings, Lima is now a sprawling metropolis that is flanked by picturesque hills and valleys, as well as pristine beaches that outline the Pacific Ocean.

There’s no shortage of things to do and see in Lima. Thanks to its rich cultural heritage, travellers are treated to a spectacular array of historic monuments and prominent examples of colonial architecture – most of which (the Monastery of San Francisco, Plaza Mayor and the Cathedral of Lima) can be conveniently found in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lima’s city centre.

A part from it’s awe-inspiring historical attractions, Lima is also renowned as South America’s culinary capital, boasting world-class eateries and authentic local gems that offer a heady mix of flavours. Additionally, leisure activities such as tranquil boat cruises to various small islands off the coast and excellent shopping and entertainment venues abound.

Why Visit?

  • Immerse yourself in the colonial grandeur of Peru’s capital city with a guided tour to historical and cultural attractions such as Plaza de Armas, with its grand Presidential Palace; the Monastery of San Francisco, Plaza Mayor and the Cathedral of Lima.
  • Visit Lima’s incredible museums, which reveal, in-depth, the vibrancy of regions lost civilizations.
  • Embark on a culinary exploration in South America’s food capital.
  • Explore the fine neighbourhoods, such as Miraflores, where you can get your fill of luxury shopping, fine dining, and the exciting Peruvian night life.


Summer (December to March)
17°C/63°F to 27°C/80°F

Winter (June to September)
14°C/57°F to 17°C/63°F

Lima boasts a stable, favourable climate year-round.

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