Why visit Sigiriya?

Stand in awe of the ancient palace fortress of Sigiriya, which sits atop a granite outcrop, in Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle.

Standing vigil over the surrounding landscape, a towering granite outcrop plays host to the astounding Sigiriya Rock Fortress. This ancient ruin was once the capital of King Kassapa I, his historical palace, complete with walls adorned with exceptional frescoes and rocks inscribed with poetry.

The ruin is accessible via a staircase positioned between two gigantic paws of a lion, carved out of the rock face. Sigiriya is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most popular cultural attractions of Sri Lanka.

Why Visit?

  • Strap on your hiking boots and make your way to the top of Sigirya Rock


Min 30°C/86°F Max 33°C/91°F

As Sri Lanka is close to the equator, Sigirya experiences uniform weather throughout the year – except for the two months of rain (monsoon).

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