Climb Mount Kilimanjaro andBeyond Experiences

Why visit Kilimanjaro?

The highest mountain in African and the tallest free-standing peak in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro soars to 5 895 m *19 340 feet) above sea level. Towering over the plains, the mountain’s three peaks are covered with a variety of vegetation, from the rainforests of the lower slopes to the alpine vegetation that occurs just below the peaks of the glaciers.

There are seven routes by which climbers can reach Uhuru Peak, Kilimanjaro’s highest point. The routes vary in difficulty as well as scenery, with Machame often considered both the most picturesque and the steepest trail. Although physically demanding, Kilimanjaro is not considered to be a technically difficult climb, with most attempts taking between six and seven days.

Why Visit?

  • Stand tall on the “Roof of Africa”, one of the highest walkable summits on the planet.
  • Visit the beautiful Chala Lake.
  • Elephants, Cape buffalo, and smaller species may be found on the lower parts of the mountain.

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