Buffalo katavi

Why visit Katavi National Park?

Game viewing at Katavi is prolific, as the reserve is inhabited by a multitude of antelope species, predators such as lion, leopards and hyena, elephant and over 400 different bird species, including an abundance of waterfowl.

A local legend has to do with the tamarind tree, which is said to house the spirit of a great huntsman named Katabi. Visitors to the park are encouraged to place an offering at the base of one of these trees in memory of this exceptional hunter.

Why Visit?

  • Katavi allows walking safaris, and with the abundant game makes for some of the most thrilling walking safaris in Tanzania
  • Excellent birding, particularly waterfowl due to the large amount of surface water and the seasonal lakes
  • Perfect place for fly-camping under a mosquito net with the African night sky for as your ceiling
  • Far from the beaten track and ruggedly adventurous, this is an undiluted safari for the seasonal traveller looking for the real soul of safari
  • The one place in Tanzania where dry-country antelope such as the stately fringe-eared oryx and peculiar long-necked gerenuk are regularly observed


Min 20°C/68°F Max 30°C/86°F

Min 19°C/66°F Max 25°C/77°F

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