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&Beyond strives to leave our world better than we found it through our care of land, wildlife, and people; and the delivery of extraordinary guest experiences in Africa, Asia and South America.

Join &BEYOND on World Rhino Day

Join our interactive World Rhino Day live event on 22 September 2020 at 16:00 CAT

A group of dedicated rhino conservationists discuss their learnings and strategies to protect, conserve and raise crucial awareness on the protection of this iconic species.

This event is available live on both YouTube and Facebook

Virtual Experiences

Book some face-to-(virtual)-face time with our guides

Now you can book a privately guided, virtual experience with some of &BEYOND TV’s most endearing hosts.

&Beyond Connect

Keeping travel souls connected

A digital magazine, thought-provoking podcasts, &Beyond TV and the chance to invite a ranger into your living room (sort of) … it’s our virtual care package to you.

Bateleur Magazine

Life is about the people you meet

While we initially travel for the destination itself, it’s often the people that cause us to fall forever in love with a place.

Travel in times of uncertainty

We are all in this together, our response to COVID-19


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