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Serengeti National Park

&Beyond Klein's Camp

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  • Klein's Camp
  • Klein's Camp

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&Beyond Klein's Camp

Perched on the edge of the Kuka Hills, Klein’s Camp boasts magnificent views of an exclusive wilderness concession that borders the vast Serengeti plains. Guests enjoy exceptional game viewing, thrilling night game drives, Maasai culture and old-fashioned safari luxury.

With unbroken views over a gorgeous game-filled valley and the hills beyond, which play host to one of the greatest wildlife migrations on earth, &Beyond Klein’s Camp embodies the very soul of the Serengeti.

This private and remote camp offers guests the spirit of wild Africa - wooded hillsides, rolling grasslands and forested river banks all teeming with the rich wildlife of this natural sanctuary lie sprawled at your feet.

Set in a landscape that is gentle yet rugged, &Beyond Klein’s Camp reflects the heart of this untamed land with a vintage safari style.


  • Day and night game drives, bush walks and personalized game drives with no set time
  • Set in a wildlife concession in the legendary Serengeti
  • Breathtaking views over the Serengeti from the edge of the Kuka Hills
  • Perfect for wildlife enthusiasts, first time and repeat travellers, nature lovers, photographers, birders, anyone looking for an exclusive wildlife experience in the Serengeti, honeymooners

Unique Experiences

Why visit &Beyond Klein's Camp?
Sweeping Views
Sweeping Views

Set just below the crest of the Kuka Hills, Klein’s Camp overlooks the vital corridor linking the Serengeti and the Masai Mara. Twice a year, the valleys below are filled with a jostling throng of zebra and wildebeest. Sweeping views of the surrounding valleys and hills provide hours of endless entertainment, with resident giraffe and elephant often spotted moving leisurely on the nearby slopes.

Intimate Africa
Intimate Africa

With just ten thatched stone cottages, Klein’s Camp is both personal and intimate. Whitewashed walls and rich wooden floors, combined with soft cream furnishings, create a calm and soothing refuge. Inspired by the breathtaking natural backdrop, relax on your private veranda with a pair of binoculars or indulge your inner artist with a sketch book. When night falls, snuggle down in your canopied bed and listen to the sounds of Africa unfold around you.

Distant Hills
Distant Hills

Boasting one of the finest views in Africa, even the swimming pool at Klein’s Camp overlooks smoky views of distant hills. The stone interiors of the guest areas open up to breathtaking panoramas, with open fireplaces to keep the chill away. Stone floors and deep leather armchairs invite you to while away the hours, with bound tomes and classic African memorabilia for company. Fine linen, silver and china sparkle in the candlelight in the open dining area.  



The Serengeti is home to literally millions of large herbivores, as well as the accompanying carnivores and prolific birdlife. &Beyond Klein’s Camp offers excellent year-round lion, leopard and cheetah viewing, with individually recognisable leopard regularly located. Huge resident herds of buffalo and breeding herds of elephant ensure exceptional game sightings. During the Great Migration, almost two million wildebeest, zebra, eland and Thomson’s gazelle follow the annual rains through the Serengeti to the adjacent Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya in search of prime grazing.

As the dense herds of herbivores move across the plains, they are shadowed by predators and scavengers. Lion, and hyena, as well as the more elusive cheetah and leopard, mingle with the migrating masses, while vulture and jackal await their scraps. The Serengeti is famous for its large lion population and a number of prides have their territories in the Klein’s concession. It is not only scavengers and predators that accompany the migration, with up to 500 000 zebra leading the way and arriving first at the crossings. The small and compact Thomson’s gazelle bring up the rear.  

&Beyond Klein’s Camp enjoys a diverse and plentiful birdlife, with several species of raptors breeding on the cliffs above the camp.

Augur buzzard, tawny and Verreaux’s eagle, various types of vultures and many other species drift lazily along the rocky ridges above Klein’s. The world’s smallest bird of prey, the pygmy falcon, may also be seen, utilising the thatched nest made by the white-headed buffalo weaver to lay its eggs.

Long-legged secretary birds stalk prey such as snakes and rodents in the grasslands, and their large platform nests grace the canopy of many a flat-topped tree.

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Our People

Our People

True African hospitality lies at the core of &Beyond's lodges and camps throughout the continent. The people of Africa, with their warm and welcoming nature and the ability to draw guests into their hearts, inspire, educate and enchant our guests every day.

Our Staff

A shared passion for extraordinary guest experiences unites all &Beyonders across Africa. For the staff members at &Beyond Klein's Camp, there is no better way to spend the day than in making our guests' safari dreams come true. Our chefs, butlers, housekeepers, security and workshop staff are trained with the same dedication as our field staff, but their pleasure in sharing your special moments is something that cannot be taught. They are the magic ingredient at &Beyond Klein's Camp and their commitment to creating moments that take our guests' breath away is genuine.

Our Guides

&Beyond is renowned for having some of the most highly trained, professional, passionate and knowledgeable guides and trackers on the continent. They have a passion for people and wildlife, ensuring unbeatable interpretive safari experiences.

Our guides at &Beyond Klein's Camp impart an incomparable wealth of knowledge, personally researched and experienced, about local habitats, ecology, birds, trees, plants, small animals and insects. Many of our guides and trackers belong to the surrounding communities and can share cultural information with our guests.

The Very Best Training

&Beyond runs three full-time ranger training schools headed by professional ranger trainers in Africa. Each guide at &Beyond Klein's Camp undergoes a rigorous training course at one of these schools before joining their team. They then receive further on-site training and benefit immensely from their colleagues' ongoing mentorship. It is through their passion for what they do, and their desire to develop and learn that &Beyond's guides are among the finest in the world.


At &Beyond we seek to maintain a low impact on the land while deriving high yield for our conservation initiatives by creating very small luxury lodges that support enormous tracts of biodiverse land, which remains untouched. At every lodge we seek out small (and sometimes not so small) but meaningful ways of putting our values into action every day. Each &Beyond lodge supports the conservation of wildlife and contributes to its neighbouring communities in one way or another. In addition, we seek to limit our impact in terms of fossil fuels, the use of renewable energy, water and waste management, and recycling.

At Klein's Camp, geysers, offices and certain staff canteen facilities are solar powered.

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A New Ambulance for the Ololosokwan Clinic

Much excitement surrounded the unveiling of a smart new ambulance at the Ololosokwan Clinic in June 2006. The ambulance was donated by Africa Foundation, our social development partner, and sourced and prepped by Klein's Camp. The innovative staff from Klein's Camp, situated in a remote corner of Tanzania's game rich northern Serengeti, sourced and converted a 4x4 safari vehicle into an ambulance, providing the clinic with a means to access the communities it serves.

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A New Clinic for the Ololosokwan Community

Together with Africa Foundation, &Beyond's social development partner, a new clinic has been constructed in the Ololosokwan community to provide approximately 10 000 people from the nearby Maasai villages with a fully functional dispensary.

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Conservation Lessons

Working closely with Africa Foundation, Klein's Camp rangers take groups of Maasai children on game drives. This exposes them to the wonder of nature, and is enhanced by lessons in environmental awareness and the value of ecotourism to local communities.

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Every Tree has a Sunshine Lining

&Beyond Klein’s Camp has drastically reduced its wood consumption by 75% simply by replacing each guest suite’s environmentally-expensive wood burning boilers with free solar energy geysers. They also replaced the wood stoves in the staff canteen with gas ones.

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Monitoring of Leopard and Other Wildlife

Following the example of other &Beyond safari lodges, guides at Klein's Camp have honed the skill of tracking and approaching Leopards in such a way that these shy and elusive cats are relaxed in the presence of game-viewing vehicles. Individual recognition of territorial Leopards is now possible and the movements, diet and behaviour of these animals is carefully documented. All interesting mammal, bird and reptile observations are recorded on an ongoing basis and published in &Beyond's 'WILDWatch' annual.

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Mwemwe Ranger Training School

With experience gained at the Inkwazi Ranger Training School at Phinda in South Africa, &Beyond has established Mwewe as the only facility of its kind in northern Tanzania. Learners go through basic and advanced courses before being offered employment at lodges. With an extensive library Mwewe is also used for regional workshops held among guides from other &Beyond lodges.

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Support of Anti-Poaching Team

An anti-poaching team comprising members of the local community have been provided with logistical support and uniforms, in order to limit the illegal hunting of wildlife within the Klein's Camp concession. Close and sympathetic liaison is essential in this border area where Maasai pastoralists move freely between Tanzania and Kenya.

A day at Klein's

A day at Klein's

At &Beyond Klein's Camp, the days are designed to thrill you with intimate wildlife encounters and the nights to spoil you with the drama and romance of Africa.

  • Morning Game Drive - As dawn breaks over the Serengeti, a gentle tap on your door will wake you to the delights of a new day. Your guide will discuss what you hope to see that day over fragrant tea or coffee and morning biscuits or rusks. Set out in an open 4x4 safari vehicle in the company of your guide. If the Great Migration is passing through the area, your guide will attempt to catch up with the massed herds. Your guide will break for a hot drink and a snack to refresh you.
  • Breakfast - Return to the camp for a delicious breakfast, with platters of fruit and cheese followed by a selection of hot breakfast dishes. Choose from eggs, oats, waffles or a number of other options. If you prefer, you can take a packed breakfast and prolong your morning game drive.
  • Lunch - You can walk off your breakfast on a bush walk near the camp in the company of your guide. Get back in time to enjoy a selection of lunch platters.
  • Afternoon Tea - Cool off with a refreshing dip in the camp's pool or indulge in a siesta. Over late afternoon tea, your guide will discuss your plans for the afternoon game drive. 
  • Afternoon Game Drive - Set off in search of the wildlife in the cooler late afternoon. The herds head out to drink before settling down for the night, while the predators are warming up for the night's hunting. Stop at a scenic spot for sundowners as the sun sinks beneath the endless plains. As &Beyond Klein's Camp is situated in a wildlife concession, it is the only place in the Serengeti where night drives can be arranged. 
  • Dinner - Return to the camp for a mouthwatering dinner, served on china and silver in the open dining area.

Lodge Information

  • Wake-Up Call

    "What a wonderful experience to wake up in your ultimate luxurious canvas tent, being spoiled by your private butler and have a sip of your early morning tea ..."

    Monique Sneeks