tanzania beach and bush safari

Tanzania beach & safari holiday Escape on a romantic safari and beach holiday that takes you from superb wildlife areas to coral reefs and sandy beaches

Your journey at a glance

Offering a sea and safari adventure off the beaten track, this itinerary combines a journey through one of Tanzania’s more remote and undisturbed wildlife areas with rest and relaxation on the shores of a private tropical island. Boasting dramatic landscapes inhabited by a great diversity of wildlife, the Selous offers an elite and undisturbed game viewing experience.

Explore one of Tanzania’s most pristine landscapes by vehicle and on foot, getting an intimate glimpse into this fascinating environment. From here, travel on to the flawless beaches of &Beyond Mnemba Island, where you can discover an underwater wonderland while diving or snorkelling in balmy Indian Ocean waters. Indulge in a secluded getaway far from the crowds, with the perfect balance of game viewing and relaxation

What to expect …

Transfer to Dar es Salaam Day 1

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You will be met by an &Beyond representative upon arrival at Dar es Salaam International Airport and assisted onto a scheduled transfer into Dar es Salaam.

Overnight in Dar es Salaam Day 1

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Despite its name, which means “abode of peace” in Arabic, Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s largest and busiest city. It is the country’s most important business and commercial hub and is situated right on the Indian Ocean. It is the main port of call for most visitors, as it is an ideal location from which to access both the wilderness areas and the beaches of Tanzania and Zanzibar. Most visitors en route to the better-known Tanzanian attractions are surprised by the charm of this unassuming city and find themselves yearning for more days to explore its hidden secrets. Must-see attractions include the beautiful beaches of Kunduchi, Mjimwena and Mbwa Maji, Dar es Salaam’s spectacular harbour and the local markets.

Spend one night at The Oyster Bay in Dar es Salaam.

Transfer to Dar es Salaam Airport Day 2

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Depart by road transfer to Dar es Salaam Airport (Domestic terminal) to board your scheduled Coastal Aviation flight to the Lower Selous.

Flight to the Lower Selous Day 2

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Board your scheduled Coastal Aviation flight to the Lower Selous.

Overnight in the Lower Selous Day 2 - 6

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Secluded and off the beaten track, the Selous Game Reserve offers visitors a slice of undisturbed wilderness, teeming with a spectacular array of fauna and flora. It was declared a World Heritage Site due to its dramatic landscapes and great diversity of wildlife. The Selous is one of the few big game reserves to allow hiking, offering wildlife enthusiasts the chance to explore Tanzania’s pristine landscapes on foot.

Spend four nights in a Banda at Beho Beho, roaming the Selous Game Reserve by boat, 4×4 vehicles or on foot. Sit back and enjoy game drives without seeing another sign of humanity. Leave the vehicle on the road and quietly follow your guide on an impromptu tracking walk. Walk quietly through the cool morning as the bush gradually wakes up all around. Stand on a rocky outcrop and gaze out across a wilderness so vast it defies description.
Wiggle your toes in the soft sand of the riverbank, a refreshing drink in one hand and binoculars in the other, or dig those toes in for better balance while battling a ferocious tigerfish. Glide around giant pods of hippo to the quiet murmur of outboard engines or drift silently by as elephants come down to drink. Lie back with nothing but a mosquito net obscuring the view and watch the stars come out. Rise for morning coffee or tea on the shores of a scenic lake a full day’s walk from your lodge. Feel a tingle as your flashlight illuminates the shining eyes of floating crocodiles. As the sun sets, warm weary feet by the fire and contemplate a day spent roaming this unspoilt paradise.

Search for endangered species Day 3

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Game drives in the Selous uncover a vast and largely undiscovered land of plenty and endangered species. This remote and secluded national park is home to enormous herds of wildlife sustained by the Rufiji River which guests can often enjoy in glorious solitude, as the park does not have large numbers of visitors. Expect to encounter vast herds of buffalo of over 120 000 animals, large families of hippo and exceptionally big groups of antelope and other wildlife. Selous is also a sanctuary for less frequently encountered species such as the endangered African wild dog, the elegant sable and the puku antelope.

Set sail on East Africa’s largest delta Day 4

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The Rufiji River is the lifeline of the Selous, with magnificent herds of wildlife congregating along its banks. Wide and winding, the river forms a number of scenic lakes at the heart of the game reserve, while its channels flow into the largest river delta in East Africa. Explore the sinuous waterways of the Rufiji by boat when the river’s waters are high or cruise one of its many tranquil lakes during the low water season. Sip sundowners or enjoy a delicious meal while watching the herds coming down to drink and getting to know a wonderful variety of beautiful bird species.

Traverse the Selous on foot Day 5

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With its majestic river, open plains, dense woodlands and tranquil lakes, the varied landscape of the Selous make it ideal for exploring on foot. Walking safaris take place at a slow pace, stopping frequently in the shade as your guide explains the fascinating nuances of the bush and its smaller species. Choose a fly camping option and spend the night in a cosy tent by the river’s edge, drinking in the grunts of hippos and the sounds of the African night. Basic and yet comfortable, this traditional safari is ideal for the adventurous traveler looking for an intimate taste of African nature.

Flight to Zanzibar Day 6

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Depart the Selous on your scheduled Coastal Aviation flight to Zanzibar Airport.

Transfer to &Beyond Mnemba Island Day 6

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On arrival you will be met by an &Beyond representative who will assist you onto a road transfer to the crossing point for Mnemba island. Here you will be met by a boat for your transfer to Mnemba Island.

Overnight on &Beyond Mnemba Island Day 6 - 10

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Spend four leisurely nights in the exotic paradise of Zanzibar at &Beyond Mnemba Island.

For the next few days the island and its ocean are yours to explore and enjoy. Remain in-house at your selected retreat, get out and about on the island, or combine the two. Step aboard a sailing dhow with its iconic triangular sails for a day on the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Dive or snorkel the brilliantly coloured reefs or stop on an isolated sandbank for lunch. Brace your feet on the deck to do battle with the game-fish of the Indian ocean on a deep-sea fishing safari. Pause under the cool overgrowth of an island forest and marvel at the medicinal benefits of the plants your guide has pointed out. Indulge in the unique offerings of your chosen retreat, be it a spa treatment or a lazy lounge on the beach, sustained by icy cocktails.

Immerse yourself in a world beneath Day 7

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Zanzibar boasts a variety of pristine coral reefs, particularly off Unguja Island, the main island of Zanzibar, as well as Pemba Island and Mnemba Atoll. Boasting calm waters and a wide variety of colourful marine species, these are some of the top dive sites in the world. Keen divers will find diving off Zanzibar an absolutely breath-taking experience, with some of the healthiest reefs in the Indian Ocean. An average water temperature of 26ºC / 79º and visibility of 30 to 40 metres / 100 to 130 feet, as well as truly staggering range of marine wildlife, make this an unforgettable diving destination

Pick up the rhythm of the fly-fisherman Day 8

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Pick up the elegant rhythm of the fly-fisherman as you enjoy the challenge of targeting a multitude of fish species off the soft, white beaches of andBeyond Mnemba Island. Fishing is usually done from the northern point of the island and fishermen are encouraged to release their quarry once they have savoured the thrill of the fight. Our instructors can give you pointers on your casting, while fly rods and tackle are available on the island.

Snorkel along exposed coral reefs Day 9

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Snorkelling is ideal for those who do not wish to do a scuba diving accreditation but who want to confidently explore the shallower coral reefs, situated off Mnemba Island, with the help of a snorkel. A guided snorkelling course is also available at an additional cost, offered by andBeyond’s Mnemba Island specialist dive masters, and covers safety procedures, equipment, currents and suggested snorkelling spots.

Departure Day 10

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After breakfast depart by boat to the crossing point, where an &Beyond representative will meet and transfer you to Zanzibar International Airport. At the airport board your scheduled Coastal Aviation flight to Dar es Salaam.