Nepalese Mountain Tour and Jungle safari

Nepalese Mountain Tour and Jungle Safari Explore the exceptional attractions of Kathmandu and the flourishing Chitwan National Park

Your journey at a glance

Explore the exceptional attractions of Kathmandu and the beautiful Chitwan National Park on this interpretive 6-day Nepal tour. With its truly awe-inspiring snow-capped giants and delightfully charming people, exquisite Nepal is home to monasteries, yaks and eight of the world’s highest mountain peaks (including the world-renowned Mount Everest).

Your adventure kicks-off in the capital city of Nepal. Kathmandu offers a wealth of cultural attractions. Begin your adventure with a once-in-a-lifetime flight around Mt. Everest and the breathtaking landscapes surrounding this giant.

Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to embark on a full-day sightseeing tour of the city, which includes a stop at the Swayambhunath Stupa, home to two Buddhist monasteries within the complex and the temple of Haratima. After your exploration of the stupa, you will make your way to the Kathmandu Durbar Square where you will have the opportunity to visit the Hanuman Dhoka, the tall Temple of Taleju and the nearby Temple of Kumari, which is the residence of the “Living Goddess”.

The last leg of your Nepal tour takes you to the exceptional Chitwan National Park where you will embark on 4×4 safaris, and an elephant-back safari, through the diverse landscapes of this beautiful sanctuary.

What to expect …

Drive to Hotel Day 1

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Upon arrival at the Kathmandu Tribhuwan International Airport, you will be met by our &Beyond representative and driven to the beautiful Dwarika’s Hotel, for your check-in.

Overnight in Kathmandu Day 1

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Steeped in history, Kathmandu dates back to close to over 200 years. It has over 130 important monuments, including several Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage sites of which seven are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The magnificence of the Dwarika’s Hotel is in the intricate carved wood and terracotta work showcased throughout the estate. Every brick is handmade and every piece of wood work a centuries old original.

Spend two nights at Dwarika’s Hotel. Accommodation is in a Heritage Room with ensuite facilities. Your stay is on bed and breakfast basis.

Be still in a space offering peace, freedom and joy to the world Day 2

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It is said that at one time the Kathmandu valley was a lake in which Swayambhu hill existed as an island. Residing at the top of this hill was a natural crystal stupa, Swayambhu, meaning Self-Manifested or Self-Sprung. When Buddha, visited this place he affirmed that it was a wish-fulfilling stupa, and whoever is touched by the wind that passes over the stupa receives the seed of liberation from the cycle of existence.

Time passed and an emanation of the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri, a Buddhist monk from China made the crystal stupa accessible to all people by draining the lake. For centuries a myriad of Buddhist masters from India, Sri Lanka, Tibet and China have visited the stupa.

Swayambhunath is 2500 years old situated on a hillock about 77m above the ground level, offering a bird’s eye view of the Kathmandu Valley. The painted eyes on four sides represent the all-seeing eyes of Buddha and are watching all the time wrong doers and good doers.

This spiritual space is an extraordinary experience that jolts your senses into overdrive. The air is a symphonic fragrance of sweet incense and butter lamps.  Exquisite intricate carvings adorn every space and the mystical,  mellifluous  atmosphere is further heightened by local devotees and pilgrims who make a ritual circumnavigation of the stupa, recite mantras  make offerings and spin the prayer wheels set into its base, making wishes for the benefit of all beings  religiously, every  morning and evening.

Representing Buddha’s mind, to visit a stupa is said to be the same as meeting Buddha in person. A place offering peace, freedom and joy to the whole world and ultimately helping us to obtain perfect enlightenment.

Flight to Bharatpur, in Chitwan Day 3

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Today you will be collected for your flight to Bharatpur, in Chitwan.

Transfer to Hotel Day 3

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Upon your arrival, you will be driven to the beautiful Meghauli Serai, Chitwan, for your check-in. The drive to your hotel will take you through the charming local villages of the region and their extensive cultivated lands.

Overnight in Chitwan Day 3

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Nestled on the banks of the Rapti River, and opposite the spectacular Chitwan National Park, Meghauli Serai provides guests with a stunning mix of natural beauty along with exquisite and rare wildlife experiences. Put your feet up at the sparkling pool or unwind with a good book at the hotel’s well-stocked library. A bar area provides a well-deserved pre-dinner drink after a successful safari whilst a beautiful spa allows you to unwind further. For those who like to keep active, a well-equipped gym is on hand to maintain those curves.

Spend three nights at Meghauli Serai, Chitwan. Accommodation is in a Room with ensuite facilities. Your stay is on a full-board and all-inclusive wildlife safari basis.

Interact with, and ride on these gentle giants through a lush national park Day 4

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An incredible wildlife environment, the world-heritage listed Chitwan National Park is regarded as Nepal’s most popular national park, due to its abundance of astonishing animals.

An unforgettable experience is riding atop magnificent grey giants. An integral part of the mammalian tapestry, these immense creatures form the textured backdrop to any natural habitat. High off the ground, comfortably nestled on a silvery, rumpled back, these gentle animals will transport you on a serene meander into the depths of the lush bush. Steadily forging through lanky grass, dense vegetation, glistening ponds and gushing rivers, your elephant will carve out a path for you. Seeking out the wild things, including wild boar, kingfisher, deer, and rhino, exploring Chitwan by elephant certainly has its advantages; putting you on top of the world and delivering a prime view. It may take a little time to get used the gentle rolling motion, but soon you will be relaxed and astounded by the sightings.

Fascinating to witness first hand are the mahouts, who care greatly for these huge beasts. Watch how they manoeuvre and direct the elephants through verbal commands, and use their toes at the back of the elephant’s ear to control them.

Compassionates and intelligent, interacting with these majestic creatures is a thrilling experience. Each one with a distinctive personality, character and temperament, your magical journey will seem to pop up out of the pages of a Rudyard Kipling novel.  Your senses will be heightened when given the opportunity to touch, feel and smell these amiable animals. A truly beautiful experience awaits you here.

Observe nature and its beauty up close and personal Day 5

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Chitwan means “Heart of the Jungle” and a walking tour takes you to the beating source of it.  Who can possibly resist the once-in-a-lifetime chance to spot the royal Bengal tiger and encounter One-Horn Rhinos? Guided by an experienced naturalist your eyes will be focused on the ground, peering up into trees, prying through foliage and, at times looking behind you!

Meander through dense, lime green vegetation and the motley arrangement of natural odours will immediately titillate your nostrils, and your senses will go into a hyperactive overdrive. Where to look first? Was that a wild boar, sloth bear, bison, gangetic dolphin, or a gharial crocodile?

A harmonious symphony reveals a beautifully colourful space with a vast variety of birds. Birdwatching is best done on foot, and our specialists will help you spot and identify the different varieties of birds, both local and migratory, that are found in Nepal. Your nature walk will focus on plants, animals, animal foot prints, birds and insects. An informative show and tell on diverse plant species used for local medicine, cuisine and craftsmanship is truly fascinating.

Added to the extraordinary lush jungle scenery, vivid birds and wild animals are the unique indigenous local people, the Tharus. A professional guide will accompany you through the area and help you gather insights into the Tharu way of life.

Submerged deep in the natural habitat of the wild, ensure that you are stealthy, cautious, respectful and quiet, so as to be able to observe the wild life and hear it purr, growl, hum, whistle, drone and gibber. It is always a wise decision to follow the instruction of the experienced guide during your walk.

Flight back home Day 6

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Today, wave a fond farewell to Nepal as you leave for your homeward flight.

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