namibia dune safari

Namibia dunes & desert safari Experience the true tranquility of Namibia
4 Days, 3 Nights | From USD 4 621 | Namibia Desert, Sossusvlei

Your journey at a glance

Travel to the heart of an age-old desert, where the dunes are taller and the stars are brighter than you have ever imagined. Among these vast ancient vistas a thousand tiny miracles play out each day, as fascinating desert animals and plants make dozens of unique adaptations that allow them to thrive in this arid environment.

Natural beauty on a grand scale stretches beneath impossibly blue African skies. Stripped down to barest simplicity, the desert playground of &Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge is the ideal place to reawaken your soul.

Highlights of the itinerary

  • Exceptional stargazing, with a highly sophisticated telescope and professional astronomer
  • Magnificent open spaces
  • Beautiful views over the desert plains
  • Specially adapted desert wildlife – oryx, springbok, Burchell’s zebra and the endemic Hartmann’s mountain zebra, bat-eared foxes, as well as a variety of insects and lizards

Specifically created for

  • Nature lovers
  • Avid photographers
  • Stargazers
  • Anyone in search of tranquility

What to expect …

Flight to Namib Desert Day 1

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On arrival at Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek, you will be warmly welcomed by an &Beyond Representative, who will assist you with check-in for a light aircraft flight to &Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge.

Spend 3 nights in the Namib Desert Day 1 - 4

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Unwind for three nights in a desert villa at &Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge. Your stay includes three meals daily, soft drinks, house wines, local brand spirits and beers, teas and coffees, refreshments on game drives, laundry, safari activities and an excursion to Sossusvlei.

Once you have settled in, set off on a guided walk through the desert, stopping to admire the tiny miracles of nature that make up the unique plants and wildlife of this arid yet beautiful region. If you have the energy, you can hike up the craggy slope behind the lodge to see the ancient San rock paintings that are situated in a nearby cave. With no dangerous game on the reserve, you are free to explore the lodge surroundings whenever you wish, either with a guide or on your own.

Quad across the vast Sossusvlei Desert Day 2

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Set out on a quad bike adventure trail through the Namib dunes, gliding across the smooth, silk like texture of the tawny desert sand, in sharp contrast to the bright, cerulean sky above, and the russet, rugged mountain ranges of the Namib escarpment in the distance. Led by an experienced and expert guide, enjoy the solitude and majesty of the sunlit desert, as the trail winds over the downy dunes, ever changing sand hills, and rocky outcrops. Stop for a languid stroll atop the impressible, velvety sand, as you take advantage of picture perfect photographic opportunities of the vast vista and soft shadows that move in unison with the pearl clouds above. Reflect on the transcendent and indispensable talks from skilled guides, who perfectly outline the unspoilt beauty of the landscape, the secrets of the desert, and its wondrous fauna and flora inhabitants, as well as the enchanting folklore attached to the colossal and deep plains. Discover the mystical fairly circles dotted around the desert setting, featuring circular patches of barren land, encircled by spherical rings of stimulated grass with bare, inert centres.

Trek the desert dunes of the Sossusvlei Day 3

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This incredible half-day adventure will take guests across the awe-inspiring sand dunes of Sossusvlei, largely known as one of the Namib Desert’s most scenic and spine-tingling attractions. The dunes form part of the Namib Sand Sea, an endlessly undulating mass gold and amber that makes up the biggest dune field south of the Sahara. The tour includes a stop at Sesriem to watch the morning sunrise dance across the sand fields, illuminating the landscape into a blanket of shimmering gold. Journey through an imposing funnel shaped gap created by a rare phenomenon, as a result of the flooding at Tsauchab River. The experience culminates at Sossusvlei, ending in the midst of an untouched desert playground, where guests can lose themselves amongst waves and waves of silky smooth sand. A breathless climb to the top of the massive ‘Big Daddy,’ the tallest dune in the Sossusvlei area, at 325 metres, rewards adventurers with a spectacular view over the peaks and troughs of the sand sea, down to Deadvlei. Guests can also choose to walk to Deadvlei or visit the Sesriem Canyon. This adventure is a must for nature and photographic enthusiasts. End the spectacular day off with a daring run down the vertical slopes and steep sand dunes, with the wind enlivening your hair and caressing your glee filled face.

Flight to Windhoek Day 4

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Enjoy breakfast and perhaps a morning activity before your light aircraft flight back to Windhoek.