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  • 15 Nights

The best of Ecuador

Quito, Mashpi Biodiversity Reserve, Amazon, Galápagos Islands

A must-see destination for any adventure traveller, discover natural beauty, unique landscapes and cultural highlights

Your journey at a glance

Immerse yourself in rare beauty and captivating adventures on this 16-day itinerary that traverses enchanting Ecuador.

Brimming with a vibrant culture deeply rooted in pre-Incan and Spanish traditions, your journey begins in the historic Quito, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lose yourself in the Old Town, an exquisite area brimming with architectural treasures and ancient monuments. Prepare the classic Ecuadorian ceviche, craft your own decadent chocolate truffles and stroll along cobblestone streets and through colourful plazas.

Depart the capital city perched in the Andes and delve into the lush Mashpi Rainforest Biodiversity Reserve. Home to prolific fauna and flora, delight in a canopy gondola across the lush forest treetops, scenic trails and intriguing night walks in this global biodiversity hotspot. Immerse yourself in the Amazon and encounter an incredible array of wildlife and authentic Quechua tribes on your luxurious cruise.

Discover untamed rainforests and delight in myriad adventures. Your journey culminates in the Galápagos Islands. Made famous by Charles Darwin, this pristine chain of islands is a bucket list destination and won’t disappoint with its volcanic landscapes, pristine beaches and unique wildlife.

2 nights Quito | 3 nights Mashpi Rainforest Biodiversity Reserve | 1 night Quito | 4 nights Amazon | 1 night Quito | 4 nights Galápagos Islands


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