leopard by scott yammin

15 (more) funny wildlife photographs The comedy of the animal kingdom at its best, here are 15 funny wildlife photos to make you smile…
by 11th January 2017

Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn. Think about it … it’s true, right? So smile, see the funny side of life and laugh out loud.

Humour abounds in the natural world, should you choose to see it. Professional photographers will be the first to admit it. Though they never know what’s coming next when they’re photographing wildlife, a photographer’s patience and painstakingly long hours spent in the field are so often rewarded with what can only be described as Mother Nature’s blooper reel. The comedy of the animal kingdom at its best.

Here’s a little hump day humour to start your #WildlifeWednesday on the right track. And if these 15 funnies make you smile, you’ll love the others. Click here for more.

1. “Someone’s been watching Meerkat Manor.” © Scott Yammin
2. “How many parents can relate to this?” © Matt Yardley
3. “When the waiter comes to ask how your meal is.” © Andrew Schoeman
4. “Imagine if we winked in real life as much as we do in our texts?” © Roan du Plessis
5. “The ultimate bachelor move.” © Matt Poole
6. “The cheapest facelift is a smile.” © Brian Scott
7. “Unexpected photobomb.” © Niall Anderson
8. Relationship 101: sometimes it’s better not to react.” © Matt Yardley
9. “Rough week? Shake it off.” © Mike Anderson
10. “That is one gangster butterfly.” © Jen Robertson Terzic
11. “Bold move my friend, bold move.” © Matt Murray
12. “Do not disturb. Beauty sleep in progress.” © Andrew Nicholson
13. “How you doin’?” © Andrew Nicholson
14. “Be the reason someone smiles today.” © Aboutwalib Gunda
15. “Three heads are better than one.” © Dylan Royal